Past week up to(s) and Baby Keira is 25 weeks old. 寶寶25周大了。

Dec 15, 2009

Ok I'm getting albeit lazy to update the blog now and I guess the weather should be partly to be blame. The weather is really making me a lazy person. Gloomy, wet & snowy and not to say makes one slip even more easily. It's crazy weather today. Snowing and raining at the same time but it's not that cold. Just 0 degree. We are so used to this temperature now and that anything below -10-15 degree is then consider cold. 0 degree is actually alright now for us.


Ok the picture is blurry but I just want to show you how weird the weather is. Sky is looking as bright as it is like in the late afternoon. Taken at 9pm on Friday night.

Ice is quite thick and here is Hubby shoveling the ice away on the pavement.

Our white front yard with 2 little cute Christmas trees.

Snow is everywhere. 

Last weekend, we went down to Boise and finally got the presents for the gift exchange. And the road was slippery and snowy. I saw a few cars actually skidding slightly on the road and I nearly fell while walking twice. It's wet & icy everywhere but it doesn't seem to dampen the christmas shopping mood of the people here. And on the base, you can see christmas decorations up and some really put in their efforts in doing up the decor. It's very pretty at night with all the lighting. We are going to put some lighting for our 2 little christmas trees on our front yard but weather was cold for us to put it up. 


Keira all dressed up and ready to head out for Xmas shopping! Conclusion: She don't look very good in turtleneck top. Her neck can't be seen.

On a side note, Keira finished her bowl of rice cereal today and she seemed full & satisfied after drinking quite a handful of water. Perhaps I should increase to 2 times feeding a day for her now. In order to feed her properly, we are shopping around for a high chair and a new lightweight stroller and thankfully, there will be 20% discount at Babies R Us for the next few weeks. We should be able to pick up good deals.


Some dishes that I have wiped up over the past week.

Dinner from Last Thursday: Steamed spicy garlic prawns + Snow Peas... Yummy.

Monday's dinner: beef hor fun.

Tuesday's dinner: Chicken Rice + Lotus Root soup

So the past week, Keira turned 25 weeks old too. And some pictures from the week.

She dislike me putting her on the boppy pillow but I still do to train her back muscle.

Little 'White' Riding Hood but she looks more like a Klu Klux Klan member to me.

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