We are Back! 我们回来了!

Dec 30, 2009

Went for a road trip again during the long weekend Christmas holiday. We went back to Park City/Salt Lake, Utah and then a impromptu decision to meet up with Ben at Jackpot City, Nevada on the 3rd day while on our way back to Mountain Home. 

我们再次去Park City/Salt Lake, Utah & Jackpot City, Nevada 旅行. 四天三夜。好累。

Remember that I didn't get to eat any dim sum during our last trip to Utah. Well, haha.... This time, we ate ourselves silly with all the Chinese food and dim sum that we missed and we really compensate all of that. 


Day 1:
Looking all fresh. Set off at 10am.

The blue bettle. YM and Jane.

Night time.
Dinner at Golden Dragon (photo courtesy from YM)
I adore this painting at one of the art gallery in Main Street.

Arrived at Park City at about 5+pm and after settling ourselves down at the resort, we went to Golden Dragon for our 1st chinese meal. And It's good! Ordered 5 main dishes + rice. Total: USD$85. And after the dinner went to Main Street for some photo shooting but man, it's cold. Keira fell asleep in the car and I can't bear to bring her out in the cold and stroll with us. So we left YM and Jane and headed back to the resort.

到了Park City差不多是5點多了。放下行李過後去金龍餐館吃晚餐。很好吃。點了5道菜要美金$85。吃了飯後,到Main Street 去拍照可是太冷了。寶寶在睡我不忍心吵她起來。於是便回酒店。

Day 2:
Yes, roadtrip is so convenient that I brought along Keira's jumperoo along. Ha...
I think the snow is about 5-6 inch thick. Our boots practically sank into the snow.

The weather there not to mention was horrid. It can be like -15 degree and really ass freezing. Keira look very cute when her cheeks turn very rosy. We had fun taking pictures with the snow. But too bad, we didn't go to ski resort because I do not want to be alone taking care of Keira while Hubby is enjoying himself skiing. So we dropped the idea. Should be fair mah right? 

Breakfast at Mac.
Keira with Daddy

Sunset at about 5+pm only

Dinner at Ho Ho.
晚餐在Ho Ho.
Our spread.

The radish cake was fantastic. I am drooling now as I type.

Time was spent at the outlets but didn't buy a lot of stuff and dinner at Ho Ho restaurant. It's really far better than that yucky New Ho Ho we went last time. And they have egg tarts too. Bought a few back to the resort for supper. Damn good. After the dinner, some want to go back to resort and us followed YM and Jane to the Gateway and drive around to see the decoration on the streets. 

白天待在購物商場沒買到很多東西。晚餐在Ho Ho吃。比上一次去的新Ho Ho好吃多了。他們也有買蛋塔。買了一些回酒店吃。晚餐後隨YM and Jane到Park City去看夜景。

Blurry images due to car moving when I was shooting them. Pardon them.
Nice looking apartments.

Can you see the horse carriage?

Ready for bed

Day 3:

Lunch at Hong Kong Tea House

The Gateway used to be railway station

In front of the open fireplace. Too cold to feel the heat.
On the way to Jackpot city
Foggy road. Looks eerie right?
Day 4:

So Ben got himself a free room at Cactus Pete casino and invited us to join him. Initially I don't think that the room can be any nicer and to my surprise, it's actually not bad. But their room service ends at 11pm which means I can't have anything to eat for dinner. I was starving thankfully we packed some leftover char siew buns and popiah from our lunch. The guys as usual leave the ladies in the room while they proceed to their gambling paradise.
Ben在Cactus Pete赌场拿到1晚的房間就請我們過去住。房間還滿不錯。

Cactus Pete in the morning. Swimming pool already covered up.
Inside the room. Check out the big LCD tv. The guys are still sleeping.
Going for our lunch.

Home we come!

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