Great way to kick start 2010. 新年新開始。

Jan 3, 2010

Had Indian cuisine at Madhuban on New Year for dinner. It was good as usual. I love their curries! And their indian masala tea is superb maybe that's the closet thing you can find here for teh.

Went for our very 1st skiing and snowboarding experience in Bogus Basin. Took us about 2 hrs from MH to the skiing resort. And oh man, it was damn fun! But it's a pity we need to look after baby so we can only took turns to play while the other one take care of baby. 

Shuttling snow skier and snow boarder

It's my turn finally! 
Had a fall

Cam-whoring with Keira while waiting for Hubby to come back and take care of Keira.

Cousin Ivy's friend 
Ah Girl的朋友。
My new friends

Rianne is just 2 weeks younger than Keira but in term of size, she's bigger than Keira.

Going back.

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