Baby Keira at 32 weeks old. 29周大的宝宝。

Feb 1, 2010

Received Babies R Us coupons in the mail and decided to head off to grab some stuff for Keira. Used the 20% discount coupon (eligible for 1 item only) to get a Bumbo seat for her and the compatible tray as well. Got some milk formula for her and you are supposed to be able to get a free $5 gift card upon the purchase but I'm not sure why the cashier gave me $5 discount off the formula on the spot on top of the $5 gift card. We went to check out the convertible seat too as we feel Keira is soon out-growning the current infant car set she's in. Any recommendations? I saw one which is 3-in-1 but not too sure though. It can convert from infant seat to convertible seat to a booster seat.

去了Babies R Us买了一个坐椅给宝宝。用了20%折扣满划算的。买了奶粉也是本来是买两罐送$5 礼圈可是我还得到$5 的折扣。真得还不错。随着她慢慢的长大放在车里的婴儿坐一也快要坐不下了。是时侯买更大一点了。那回新加坡也能用。

Spot her nerdy fringe?

While having our Japanese lunch buffet at Yoitomo on Saturday, she pooped and I guess the diaper size doesn't fit her well. She got it all over her back and I really dread this. Spent about 20 mins or so to clean her up on the washroom floor as they do not have a baby changing table. What's wrong with that?! Anyway, thankfully they have a very clean one so that's ok. And we went to get an outfit from Babies R Us and changed her out. I must remember to leave an extra outfit in the diaper bag next time we go out and to think that I thought she had outgrown that phase.

星期六的时侯在日本餐厅吃的时侯,她大了一身的便在裤子。侧所没有婴儿桌给我换尿布只好在地上换还好里头很不是很脏。过后到Babies R Us买套新衣给她。这次去的餐厅是Susan介绍的。好吃。我们连续两星期去吃了。

The tempura is very good and the octopus salad is just as yummy.

Cucumber salad which taste like achar also very nice.


After Babies R Us, we head off to Towne Square, I managed to score 1 short white skirt that's perfect for summer from Abercrombie from US$60 to US$9.90 and a sweater from Hollister from US$49.90 to US$9.90. Yes, I only check out the sales section in these 2 shops whenever I go because other than that, I thought their items are pretty overpriced.

在Towne Square买了两件衣服都只要US$9.90。超便谊。

Video and photos from the past week.

Talking to her monster band friend

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