It's been a Crazy Week! 疯狂的一周!

Feb 23, 2010

So I haven't really blog for almost 2 weeks now. Why? Because the whole family got sick. And it's really crazy... It must be the winter virus. Diarrhea, vomit & fever. Keira got it first shortly after the McCall trip which I will post up shortly, follow by me and then Hubby. Thankfully, now all of us are really getting better. Keira is super clingy lately and cries easily. I have to keep carrying her around. It really tires me. It's so rare to see her smile willingly lately. I miss them. 


What a way to start a brand new Lunar New Year. I'm glad we survived. It's really not easy with a sick child at home. Now I have got the taste of it. Ha...


At 34 weeks old。34周大。

It's amazed how big Keira had grown into from 6 weeks old to


At 35 weeks old。 35周大。

At 36 weeks old。36周大。宝宝八个月大了。

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