Thoughts on our stay here for the past 10 months.

Feb 26, 2010

We have been here for about 10 months now. It's not a long time but neither is it consider short. It's amazing how the so-called politics among the wives here can be so bad that I feel that it's so much worse than office politics. I have definitely had a taste of my fair share of office politics while still in the working society. But really, this is still a 'shock' to me after being here for so long and I still can't get over how things can turn out sometimes. 

As per what one of the wives told me, 相见容易 相处难。It really makes sense. When I first came, I really thought that ok because we are all in a foreign country, the more we Singaporean should look out for each other. But this is obviously not the case. Be it whatever you do or even how low profile you can get, somehow or rather you can still get involved naturally. It's sad.

However, coming here is really an eye opening for me too. Not to say my cooking skill has definitely improve, I have also gave birth to a wonderful girl and being a stay at home mom, I get to spend the most important 1st year of her life together. I know this can never happen if I'm in Singapore now and working at the same time. I would have miss out some of her major milestones in life. I have learn to be so independent too and dare to take up driving once again. And of course, driving an Audi too. LOL. 

We have 5 more months to go now. I can't wait to be back in Singapore. To be living in our own house again which is much bigger than here. Cooking in my own kitchen with my music blasting. Enjoying the night breeze on my balcony. Watering my plants. Hanging the clothes on bamboo poles (Ok I'm glad because this is one chore that Hubby will be doing and not me. He got a phobia I will fall out of the window). And dumping my rubbish down the rubbish chute. I can't wait to show Keira our own house and her own room. Definitely we will have a headache trying to child-proof our house. But it's ok, I don't mind a bit. 

For now, I shall just try to enjoy our stay here as much as possible. Ignore the outside elements! Haha...

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Susan said...

Totally agreed. But put it this way, we are consider very lucky to be able to experience the good sides of it.