Baby Keira at 37 weeks old. 37周大的宝宝。

Mar 5, 2010

I will remember the time when my grandpa will bring my brother and me to bookstores when we were young. He loves to read a lot and I think my love for reading is being cultivated by him. Our favorite hangout will always be Bras Basah follow by United Square. Practically all the books that I owned were bought by him. I still remember my collection of Enid Blyton, Judy Blume and Roald Dahl books. I am not sure where the heck they are now though.

我还记得小时侯我的公公常常带我和我哥哥去逛书店。他很爱看书。或许我对读书的兴趣是从他那里得来的吧。我们最常去的地方是百胜楼和Novena United Square。我大概大多数的书都是他买给我的吧。

So last week, we went on a shopping spree for children's books to add to Keira's collection. 

And there after, we went to Madhuban and had our Indian buffet. I just love their buffet and cheap too. Just $8 which you can get a Mac set out there too.

It's been a long time since Keira and I took a proper photo.

She takes her reading very seriously.

She only know how to feed herself with bigger biscuit but not the small puffs.

An afternoon at the playground. It was a windy day and that explains Keira's thick clothing.

Ha she does looks a bit like the Hong Kong actor in this photo.

Too windy for her to open her eyes。

Our new profile picture

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