I want to be fit again!

Mar 7, 2010

My friend, Susan bought a pair of track shoes lately and it got me thinking. I have not exercise in really a long time. 

My bum seems to be losing its centre of gravity. Sitting in front of the lappie everyday to catch series is really bad. Not to mention that after giving birth, my poor tummy is suffering the same facts like others. Flabby fats and argh... muffin tops! Ok lah it may not sound that bad but it's quite demoralizing to see it in front of the mirror every single day reminding yourself to get your ass back in shape.

I did Pilates few years back and I thought what's so hard about Pilates as it's mainly breathing and stretching. I was so wrong. It's actually quite tedious too. So move on. I did my occasional jogs in the evening when I am back from work early until I shifted out to our place in Sembawang. And from then, I think I only jogged like once or twice till I got pregnant because my Hubby doesn't allow me to run in the night saying those ABNN are out there and not safe. He suggested that I get up early every morn to go jog instead but everyone knows that's not impossible at all. I can't give up my beauty sleep to go jogging. Aiyo! So officially and sad to say, I have not jog for almost 2 years! That's so freaking long. I'm so unhealthy. 

And now after having a baby in MH, the closest I can get to is exercising with my Wii fit. I kid you not. It really do make you feel tired and aching after the exercises. Anyone who is too lazy to step out of the house should try it. I'm very determined to go back to regular jogging when I return back and perhaps sign up for some Yoga classes in my neighborhood cc. Who's game with me? 

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