Little Keira @ 39 weeks old. 小琦璇 @ 39周大

Mar 23, 2010

Keira turned 9 months old on 21st. How time flies. She's learning how to clap at this stage and she looks so cute whenever I say 'Clap. She will proudly clap while looking at me as if she want me to praise her. And she understands by the word 'Splash' meaning she will splash the water in the bathtub hard. And she's learning how to make 'deh deh' sound instead of the 'mah mah' sound.  Hubby insist she's calling him.  


All dressed to attend the farewell piss up celebration for those leaving in March. Shorts + tights = madness cute

Ah Hai's wife, Pauline + Beatrix (lovely mum and daughter)

Keira's new found friend

I think she adores having a big jie jie or kor kor to play with her

She want me to carry her and not interested in taking photos anymore

Enjoying her weekly reads of bargain on Babies R Us newsletter

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