Picnic! 野餐!

Mar 7, 2010

Today's weather is rather fair and good. Sunny and the temperature is about 16degree. Too good to miss so we went to Strike Dam and had picnic while Hubby fished as usual. We have been talking about going for a picnic and finally did it. Come summer, I think we can really do picnic every weekend until we are sian with it. Haha... Nope, we didn't manage to catch any fishes because we didn't bought live baits and his fake baits actually melted because he left them in the car thinking that he can go fishing anytime. Anyway, the melted fake baits really stink and was grossed.

今天的天气不错。晴朗温度大概16度左右。于是我们到Strike Dam野餐。坤仔也就钓他的鱼。 可是今天没搜货因为他没买活饵。而介假饵放在车里太久已经融掉了。好臭又恶心。

I can foresee Hubby going fishing alone when he's old.

K is for Keira

Pardon Hubby's ugly haircut. That Korean lady seems to be in a lousy mood when he had his haircut. It's too hideous liao lah.

We see green again!

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