Happenings on Little Keira's 44 weeks old. 小琦璇 @ 44周大

Apr 27, 2010

Keira turned 10 months old last week. Her current favorite stunt is to rolling on the bed. She never gets tired with all the flipping here and there. Even when in the middle of the night, she wants her milk. She will cry and then flip around herself. I definitely need to keep an eye on her now. She's getting more out of hand and sometimes it's quite tiring just to settle her down. 


Asking Daddy to go away. She don't wish to be shoot.

Is she getting chubbier?

Saturday,we went shopping in the mall and I scored 1 top and 1 pair of jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch for just $2.78 all thanks to the $50 gift card. It was such a fantastic loot. Dinner was at our fav. place, Chuck-A-Rama, for their cheap dinner buffet and Keira was so knocked out by that time that she slept almost throughout our meal but before my dessert. 


Entertaining herself while waiting for Uncle KF to try out his bermudas @ Hollister

Sleeping away at Chuck-A-Rama

On Sunday, we were all so lazy and decided to head out for a simple lunch @ Jack in the Box and popped by Anderson Strike Dam for a drive. The day is cold but yet the sun is so glaring. Throughout the drive, I can't help but to keep dozing off. 


Yakking away in the car

 She's trying to be friendly with an old lady sitting beside us but she just can't seem to catch her attention.

Still trying hard.

After an afternoon at Anderson Strike Dam, she was so zonked out when she reached home.

 Freshly awake

 Watching her Baby Einstein's Puppet friends

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