Little Keira at 41 weeks old. 小琦璇 @ 41周大

Apr 7, 2010

Lately, Keira had some slight running nose but she's getting better now. Her milk intake is dropping. I think she prefer solid food more than milk now. At this point, she still don't crawl man. I am so tired from carrying her around but at least now she wants to walk. 


But nevertheless I still think babies at this stage are the cutest even though I grumble sometimes too.

  • She knows when you dislike her doing certain things but yet she will still do to spite you and then will laugh on her own. This makes u feel quite silly sometimes.
  • She likes to imitate the sound that we make.
  • When she had her satisfied nap, you can find her most of the time looking out of the window talking by herself and when you go towards her to pick her up, she can be very excited about it. 
  • She just love to grab the towel handle in the bathroom whenever we are playing in front of the mirror and she needs to get to hold it for a while before she is satisfied. 
  • She recognizes which are her pillow covers and will grab to smell it or to bite it whether or not it's filled or just the cover itself.
  • She knows when we are all ready to go out and will be waiting for someone to pick her up or to settle her into her car seat.
  • She will ALWAYS open her mouth to whatever things you are going to put it into her mouth.

  • 但你不喜欢她做的东西的时侯,她偏偏要做给你看然后自己笑。
  • 她喜欢学我们做出来的声音。
  • 但她睡够饱的时候,起身时会自己在床上看天要不然自己跟自己讲话。看到你要去抱她会很兴奋的手舞足倒。
  • 在厕所照镜子的时侯,一定要抓一下挂脸巾的东西她才甘愿。
  • 看到抱枕的时候,无论是单单枕头套或枕头都会要咬一口。
  • 她知道什么时候是要出门了。
  • 只要手靠近她的嘴,一定会开口想要吃。
Now that I know that the Baby Einstein videos can keep her occupied, I am having a lot easier time trying to do my houseworks and cooking too. And at the same time, she's learning too. I am so glad. Stephanie said base swimming pool is conducting lessons for babies above 6 months old and their mommies. I would like to give it a try someday with Keira. 


Week 40 photo

Week 41 Photos

Keira with Bea jie jie

Watching her fav Baby Einstein video
This is how engrossed she can be.

I hope the weather will turn better again. I hate it when it's neither winter or spring and yet it's like snowing or raining hail. I shouldn't have blog about the good weather in the previous post so soon. Maybe I've jinxed it.


On Sunday, we went to a baby's full month celebration party. And how it dawned me that Keira used to be that small and fragile and looking at her now, she really bloomed. Somehow looking at her chubby cheeks, I do get a satisfaction feeling too. Even though, she's not really a very big baby but at least I know I've been feeding her well and taking good care of her. I'm so proud of myself. But I know I can be better. Less time spend in front of the lappie (yes, I'm ashamed of it).

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