Hello everyone! We are back from Seattle. 我们从西雅图回来了。

Jun 4, 2010

This is the first long road trip that we had together as a family. Just the 3 of us. I have to say I'm very impress with Hubby for able to drive such a long journey. We really had fun in Seattle. The place is beautiful except maybe for the weather. It keep drizzling on and off with slight breeze of wind. 

Hubby said we can plan to migrate there as part of our retirement plan. We can open a small eatery place selling SG food while Keira and her sibling can work or attend school in the states. I thought it sounds pretty good. There are quite a number of asians living in Seattle and we love visiting the Chinatown for their food. I think the place is so much better than Boise. Anyway, we will work hard towards our future plan.

Day 1: 

Set off about 3+pm on Thursday

354 miles to go to Portland = 570km


The road sign says 45th Parallel Half way between the equator and the north pole. How cool is that.

So we took a rest in the night where we just left about 3 hours to get to Seattle. Decided to rest in a travel inn for US$45 per night. The room was disgusting enough though. Enough said.

Day 2:

Travel Inn in Sunnyside.

Apple tree farm

Cherry farm

Nice view from the View Point

Reaching Seattle

We have reached Seattle

Steep roads everywhere

Apartments under construction

Reaching our hotel

BBQ pork bun made by Vietnamese. Taste abit too sweet to my liking.

Colorful fruits and vegetables everywhere

Fresh seafood

Deceased World's tallest man. Hubby said I looked like I'm cutting his penis.

Lotsa of whimsical toys

Lovely flowers

Yummy seafood!

Going to the aquarium

1st Starbucks Store in Pike's Place, Seattle

Established in 1971

Checking out the meal

Keira entertaining herself before the meal

Thai Fishcake

Grilled chicken with coconut cream sauce

Red wine + oyster sauce stir fry chicken. The combination is fantastic.

After the dinner, we retreat back to the hotel. And boy, it was really a tiring day.

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