Keira is 1 year old!

Jun 22, 2010

I know I haven't been blogging lately. Have been busy with planning Keira's birthday party and our packing. We are leaving on the 3rd July. 11 days more to go. Time truly flies and Keira is already 1 year old. It's really a pity that both of our family missed out on her 1st birthday celebration. 


The party was a success and I was still afraid that there will not be enough food. Fortunately, I think all filled up their stomach quite well. Menu was not as what I have initially planned. That will be too ambitious with the birthday cake. Thankfully, we kept it simple and 'normal'. We managed to pull it off. Very big thanks to Steph and Jolin especially and not forgetting Susan, Vin, Sharon and Rehka.


This is the 2nd time that I am making a cake. 1st was for Hubby's 27th birthday and now for Keira's 1st birthday. I had my hand on making Keira's rainbow cake. It's a bit ambitious and it's taking longer than we anticipated. Almost 7 hours. I nearly want to give up till the end. But the end result is very satisfying. I'm glad we did it! Maybe it will be a better idea next year to just purchase a nice cake from the bakery.


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