Life back in sunny island

Jul 11, 2010

I am loving SG even though the weather is sucky. I didn't know how much I miss my mum calling me everyday to ask me about my whereabouts or what am I doing until I got back. I know it's weird. LOL. 

We have been busy meeting up with friends and family members. Doing dinners together. The feeling is great. Keira met a lot of new friends and relatives. She have Noah and Sarah as her playmates although they are still rather like parallel playmates. She met An qi, En qi and Yu qi today. All seem to like her. The other day, we had dinner with Jim & gang and surprisingly, Reyes have some reservations with her. He doesn't seem to like her as much as he did while skype-ing. I guess he still needs time to accept this new god sister of his. Perhaps this is the so called child jealousy.

Perhaps the problem lies with me. I should have know it earlier that things will be different the moment we get back here. The way I handle Keira and the way our parents does will definitely be different. I do not like when the moment Keira cries, everyone will try to pacify her. I do not want her to be pampered. She's already such a brat now. I hope we can move in to our own place soon. I want to settle her down once and for all and discipline her from the start. I know it will be tougher the moment I go back to work. BUT I will try. Every time when I think of how I won't be spending most of the day with her, I feel sadness. 

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