Keira @ Wk 60 and the Little One @ 15th Wks

Aug 20, 2010

Life has been rather fulfilling and tired at the same time. Keira has gotten use to be under my mum's care and she will be brought home every night. I'm really missing our time 24/7 together. She is more of a slow walker maybe. At this moment, she can lift herself up and standing with no help for a min or so but will plonk back once she feel she can't balance herself anymore. She will be turning 14 months tomorrow and we will be bringing her to Reyes' birthday party at NSRCC. Her 1st swim in Singapore. We are oh so ready. I think she's getting a lot heavier compared to when we left MH. I can hardly carry her for long. Today brought her to my mum's place via bus transport. It's not easy but we managed to survive.

The Little One turns 15 week today. And this time, my stomach shows earlier than the 1st pregnancy. I can't hardly fit into my working outfits. I still remember I can still wear them when I was 5 months pregnant still. I thought I can feel some faint kicking or movement in the tummy lately. 

So being a working mother is indeed tiring. I can understand what my friends are going through now. Almost every night, I will be going to bed with Keira at the same time. I get tired easily. And it's not helping when Keira is getting so much active and loves to climb up and down the sofa, enter the bathroom while I'm getting ready, trying to get herself off the bed and ransacking my cabinets. Poor her, now she always wake up around 5.30-6am so that I can bring her over to my mum's place before I set off to work.

I know I have not been uploading photos lately. Here are some of the photos taken in the past week. 

Week 57

Ramen Night at Icibantei

Price was rather reasonable and the ramen was good. I had the spicky tonkotsu ramen and although it was really quite spicy but I did finish most of it. Too bad, Keira can't have them. The gyoza was not bad too. Overall, it was a fun night with the young ones and my little Keira. Hubby was working hard for National Day preparation so he had to miss it.

Lunch BBQ Buffet at Ju Shin Jung

Didn't really took photos of the food because we were so hungry that once the Chias were here. We started feasting. Only a few photos of Keira playing in their play area.

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