Oct 30, 2010

One of my favorite past time is to read up blogs and viewing photos. Especially those of my cousins or friends. I would imagine myself to be part of their life too. Each of them has their own stories to tell. I am not complaining though my life may not seem to be as exciting as theirs. 

We may be facing the toughest period for now. Single income, 2nd child coming, Hubby taking up degree and henceforth less family time with us. It's not going to be easy but I know we can pull through it. We are working hard for our future together. I have hope. It's this kind of hope that keeps us moving.

Perhaps what is happening now is all fated. And everything happen for a reason. I believe whatever happened, something better is going to happen to us next. Must have faith.

Anyway, just an update on my previously so-called 30 turn 30 list or rather 10 turn 30 list that I came up with a year ago.I have only manage to complete like 2.5 items. But at least I'm slowly striking off some from the list now and I have about a year and a month to go and achieve them. 

Note: Not in chronological order.

1. Get a visible tattoo. I've been contemplating on this one for a long time. SOON...
2. Learn a foreign language. I would love to learn French 'cos to me this is the most romantic language ever.
3. Skinny dipping. Oops... Haha...
4. To learn oil painting. I am changing this to getting a specialist diploma instead.
5. Getting a master degree.6. Have 1 more child. Preferably a boy. 
Side note: It doesn't matter anymore on the gender. We will still love our little girl as who she is.
7. Writing and publishing my own book. 
8. Spend at least 24 hours without my mobile phone and macbook. I know this is kind of impossible.
9. Have our bridal shoot taken and hold customary dinner. I want a live music band for my dinner and Keira as our flower girl.
10. To have my career back once again.
- ALMOST accomplished until my short term contract ended. LOL but it still count, doesn't it.

New add-ons:
11. To pick up driving in Singapore. Need to improve on my parking skill seriously.

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