2nd Babymoon!

Nov 22, 2010

Okay this is going to be our last trip before I'm officially due.

The gynae gave us the green light to fly. Yeah! I'm deciding between Taipei or Tokyo but I reckon 4 days trip to Tokyo will be a tag rush. And I so do want to bring Keira to Tokyo someday to visit the Disneyland. Maybe that can wait.

Will go down to People's Park to check out on the package by this week. I'm excited. It's been almost 4 years since I've been there and I have always like the place for its food and culture and shopping of course. But this time round, I don't think I will have much shopping to do since it's the cold season.

Too bad no hot spring this time for me. But it's okay. I can pay my friends a visit too. And I'm so guilty to leave Keira in the care of my mom again! I hope she will understand. When the Little One came along, I don't think we can have a getaway so easily ever again.

Well, an update on today's checkup on the Little One @ 29th Week. She weighs around 1.5kg - 1.7kg which I can't remember the exact number and she is like almost double the weight 1 month ago. It's rather unbelievable but am glad she's striving well. Yet again, she's not showing us her face again. Only the side view which the Daddy thought looks just like another Keira. She's such a shy girl always trying to hide herself.

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