Pre-birthday celebration

Nov 20, 2010

Nearly had an heart attack when we were just supposed to be spending our lazy sat in town when Hubby walked me into Loewe boutique. He wanted to get me the nappa aire that I've been desiring for so long. I have always wanted to get it for myself. However, the colors for this season are so disappointing. Nothing exciting hence I came out empty-handed. :(

And it was our first time stepping into ION as well ever since we came back. Not as impressive as I would imagine it to be. One can easily get lost inside. Our 3 hours there seem so endless with Keira around. It's simply exhausting. She's taking a thing with the escalators now and it's just nightmare. She would want to stand alone on the steps and enjoy going up and down. It's driving us mad.

Anyway, for dinner, I suggested the handmade soba at Paragon and followed by ice-cream for dessert.

The Christmas lighting are up and the Xmas mood is filling up in the air. I do missed this time of the year back in Mountain Home. It should be snowing now and sad to say, my UGG boots are being chucked away in the dark corner of our shoe cabinet now...

Tomorrow I'm going to visit the obgyn and hopefully I get the green light to fly for the final time before the Little One is due. The resort promotion in Bangkok has all been fully booked till next feb. It's really a pity. We are thinking of an alternative location to go. Let's see what is the outcome tomorrow then. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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