Bali in Oct - Our 1st babymoon before the Little One is due.

Dec 5, 2010

Ok this is a rather backdated post which I meant to post sometime back but never got the chance. We had a rather relaxing good time in Bali... Just the 2 of us with the sun, beach and drizzle rain occasionally. Not much shopping but plenty of walking definitely. The food there are to my liking and I even had the guts to try out street food. Tummy didn't get upset at all during the stay there. 

On the way to airport

Our lunch 

Our stay in Bali - Bali Kuta Resort. Pretty cosy.

The swimming pool where we hang out quite often

The balcony

Our fried mee goreng and fried rice. All for SG$5. Pretty cheap. And they are so good! But just quite oily though.

Walking along Bali streets. We roam quite frequently over here.

It's a travel agency but it looks so exotic. Doesn't it?

Bali bombing casualties list

Mac along Legian Beach.

And we walked about 45 mins to Hard Rock Cafe. Amazing! Haha...

Legian Beach

Checking out the 3 cute Japanese guys who keep walking up and down with their surfboards.

Lunch at this Indian restaurant. Food is rather okay.

My tandoori chicken

Hubby's buttered chicken. This is yummy...

Resting at a juice bar

3rd day lunch at this family Indo restaurant. Their fried chicken is very good!

You do the math.

Lazing around on our last 2nd day.

After a day of relaxation, we decided to walk to the streets and treat ourselves to this fish therapy.

Dinner on our last 2nd day. 

Goodbye Bali.

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