Edited hospital bag list

Jan 26, 2011

So I was writing in the other post on the stuff that I have packed into my hospital bag. And I can only tell you it's not NECESSARY AT ALL! Why? Most of the stuff are provided by TMC.

Edited list of the hospital bag items:

  1. ICs
  2. Marriage cert (if you are to register baby at the point of your stay in the hospital)
  3. Gynae's admission letter + documents (which will include some test report that were done previously and the antennal bill for claim of medisave)
  4. Camera (okay this is a must)
  5. Sterilizer + breast pump (unless you are staying in the premier ward in TMC else you won't have a personal sterilizer. Instead they will get you to purchase those sterilizing pills + the container which is about $15-20. Personally I don't think it's worth it. So I got Hubby to bring the entire sterilizer to me.)
  6. Slipper or socks
  7. Cap for baby
  8. Going home clothes for mummy
  9. Unless you are staying for more than 2 days. I would recommend bringing disposable panties. They gave me 2 pairs so just now to last for the 2 days stay there though I'm not sure if you ask for more, will they give you FOC or not.
So that's it! I wore the robes provided by the hospital throughout. And when Kerri got discharged, she wore the set of clothing provided by TMC and gave her wear the cap which I brought along only.

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