Got my ASS working ~

Jan 12, 2011

So this morning I woke up enthusiastically together with Keira and we headed off to Sun Plaza to have our breakfast and marketing. I told her we are going to cook dinner tonight for PaPa. And it will be my first time since we came back to Singapore that I really cook a decent meal for the family.

We had our breakfast at the food court before going to NTUC to purchase our food. So menu for today will be lotus root pork rib soup, steamed tofu with minced meat and mushroom and just stir fry baby chye sim. For lunch, we had bee tah mak soup and Keira ate quite a bit.

On a side note, I'm contemplating on the guest list for Kerri's full month party. Either to have one or not have one at all. The total no. of guests combined from both sides of family will be around 100. I don't want to tire myself and the baby out on that day for sure. Told Hubby on my idea last night that since when Keira had her first 'Chinese' birthday celebration was just with his relatives I guess it's just fair and square that this time round we will invite my side only for Kerri's.

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