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Jan 24, 2011

You know how it feels like when you have been longing or planning something for so *ucking long and then in between an unexpected surprise creep out and you got to have all your marvelous plans being shelf aside??? And after a long waiting, the time is finally here and you are feeling so goddamn shiok! Haha.. that's how I am feeling right now or should I say the moment I pushed Kerri out. It's not that I do not enjoy this pregnancy. It's just that I feel like my mission has accomplished. And although I am foreseeing we will have more challenges coming along our way, it's a major big step to build a better home for our little family.

So I really can't wait for this confinement thingy to be over soon. 20th February. I have already marked it in my scheduler. Hubby promised me that he will bring me to have the yummylicious sashimi that I have been craving so badly! That will be our first little family dinner date. Oh please come faster, will you?

The other day, my cousin just had her fabulous hair done with this stylist called Katherine and it really makes me itch to get my hair colored or have it trim. I don't know. I know I just had a haircut in Taiwan but it's not that obvious as I want to keep it simple for my confinement. Unless I grow it out of course but I don't know whether I have the patience once again to grow out them till chest level. I have been thinking of cutting it into a chic short bob with honey brown color. But Hubby said you told me you want to grow your hair and have it curled. Yes I did say that before. How how how???

Anyhow, things are beginning to settle down nicely in our home. We brought Keira back last Sunday and we both sort of got the hang of handling the 2 of them now. I know Hubby is still having insufficient sleep throughout. So I try my best to rest well in the night and have the energy in the day to take care of Keira while he's solely in charge of everything about Kerri. Seriously, he can be a nanny if he wants to. I think he's pretty good. These few nights, he's been lounging on the sofa so that he can go prepare Kerri's milk first hand upon hearing her cries. Quite heart pain to see him like that. But knowing he's trying his best to do all these really make me feel heartwarming.

Ok. That's it for now. Will blog about my birth story again someday.

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