Hubby the superman!

Jan 21, 2011

Okay. This quick and short post is dedicated to my dear hubby. I nicknamed him as superman and which i think is something that's not too much.

He always amazes me on the stuff that he can actually do and manage during my confinement period. Not to mention that he has an upcoming exam this Saturday again. Poor him.

And this time round he actually hands on trying cup feeding to Kerri. This is actually new to both of us as we never try it before and I have to say he pick up very fast after learning just once from the nurse.

It is also the time that he need to do his most hateful household chore; dishwashing. So far, he's performing quite well and I am so proud of him. It's only the 2nd day so dear hubby, please Jia you. We really appreciate what you have done and will have to do for us in the coming month.

And after that, we can truly go all the way to fulfill our dreams and goals with the two little girls in our life.

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