It's just a BATH!

Jan 28, 2011

So today, I attempted to have my first debut bath since Kerri popped. I spent 1 hour preparing the herbal bath and then another half an hour to bath. So when I am all done with my wet hair, the stupid hair dryer which is supposed to be dual voltage or so decided to die on me. I am not sure what went wrong. It worked for a while and then suddenly died....

And then Hubby wanted to take a shower in the night but the heater is not working. He guessed I must have overheat the heater and the thermostat is spoilt. How nice... I will need to call and check with them how to get it repair if not we will have to get a new unit.

It's really just a bath and I need to get a new hair dryer and replace my water heater... Really dammit. How cheap is my bath! And to add to that, the $5.8 million TOTO today, we didn't strike a single thing. The most is only 3 numbers including the additional number.

Well, I guess that's life. Perhaps today is just not my day. And thankfully, I am confined at home else I don't know what I will be encounter out there.

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