Keira @ 19 months old

Jan 28, 2011

Is it me who didn't realized due to being too cropped up with baby Kerri or my Keira is picking up words pretty fast now. Keira turned 19 months old on the day Kerri and me were being discharged. How nice...

This month, she had picked up the below words:
  1. Hot
  2. Rain
  3. Orange (she can differentiate apple for a long time and it's only recently that she understand and recognize orange)
Day by day, she's getting so much cheekier and likes to make funny faces now. Whenever you ask her to smile to the camera, she will oblige and show off her 2 big front teeth with gap or if in French, they are called "les dents du bonheur".

So far, she's been keeping a small distance away from Kerri but when told to pamper Kerri, she will do so when she's willing. Or she will request us to put Kerri into her bouncer when we are carrying her. The other night, we were watching TV outside and then suddenly Kerri let out a small cry, we didn't hear it until Keira told us Mei Mei... Then we realized oh she is crying for us. I guess she's letting her guards down now with Kerri. 

A while ago, I was trying to feed Kerri and then Keira was sitting beside us on the bed and touched her head so gently. As if she is telling Kerri to drink her milk fast. And there I was, looking down on them, I was telling myself I am so fortunate to have them both. 

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