Kerri's Birth Story

Jan 26, 2011

14th January 2010

Time: 10.30am
Went for my 37th week checkup and I was found to be 2cm dilated. Dr. Ang wants me to go back to him the following Wednesday to have a close monitor.

19th January 2010

Time: 5.00pm
So there I was. Thinking oh well it's another normal checkup. Seriously, I didn't anticipate much. I was found 4cm dilated now. From the tone Dr. Ang spoke, I can sense his seriousness. He said he wants me to go onto CTG machine and monitor me for a while. Most probably I will have to admit on that night. And it will be a fast labour. So I popped onto the CTG machine and after 20 mins later, Dr. Ang confirmed it and said I am having contractions and asked how I am feeling. I said I feel all's good until you poked me twice and now the contractions is getting very intense.

Time: 5.55pm
I realized that I have not bought my herbs yet. So off I went to Fu Hua and quickly gathered the items on my shopping list. I actually made all the staff worked for me at the same time. One auntie asked are you okay? I said my stomach is very painful and I need to go to the hospital before 7.30pm. Can we have act fast on the packing and billing? Suddenly, they got serious and quickly serve me as fast as they can. It's quite funny to think about it.

Time: 6.20pm
Dad fetched me from Sun Plaza back home. I had a quick shower and grabbed my hospital bag to have my dinner at my mum's place. Called Hubby and he said he's already downstairs parking his car and the time was 6.50pm.

Time: 7.15pm
I am still struggling to finish off my dinner with the intense contractions. Initially my mum keep forcing me to eat at least something so that I have the energy to push myself later on but I really can't stomach them. She made me chicken essence and had me called Hubby. He was still at home and just had his shower. Mum decided we couldn't wait for him any longer. So they sent me to hospital instead.

Time: 7.40pm
Admit myself into the hospital after Dad dropped me at the entrance. And I can feel like I can die anytime. The administrator still asked me to go through a paper full of words but I don't even bothered and sign it off.

Time: 7.50pm
Was ushered to the observation ward. The sister first helped to check on my dilation and it's still 4cm. She got a robe for me and asked me to change first. Followed by, she insert something into my anus supposedly to help empty my bowels before the actual delivery. Told me the longer I hold myself the more I can pass out. I was thinking ok set. I shall do that. But it's barely 10 minutes when I told her I really need to go to the washroom. Spent about 15-20 mins in there I suppose to clean and wash myself considering that I have to breathe and hold on to the terrible contractions so regularly. Dr. Ang reached and proceeded to burst my water bag while trying to strike a conversation. And he's good. I only realized what he was doing after I felt the same sensation of water bag bursting which I had experienced with Keira.

Time: 8.00pm
Finally, Hubby is here! I feel so emo at that time. Wanted to cry but I held back.

Time: 8.30pm
Was pushed to the birthing ward. By now, I feel my body is ripping apart. Sister proceeded to give me gas mask and after a few round of contractions, she then give me an injection on my buttock. And said that will takes about 20 mins to take effect. I was like why didn't you tell me earlier. You can just give it to me in the beginning right? So subsequently, the pain is so great that I felt like I wanted to pass motion again. But they told me to hold back. I still can't push the baby out. I was like WTF?! I really can't do it anymore. I really wanted to have epidural at this time. Dr. Ang assured me I was doing very great. And *snap* after about 4 pushing and the stupid injection has not taken effect yet, Kerri came out. I felt so relieved!!! THE PAIN WAS GONE IN THAT VERY INSTANT!

Time: 9.30pm
Kerri arrived in this world.

The whole process happened rather fast that I felt like I did not really participate in this labor at all. It's so unlike what I have gone through in the States. It's more assisted than I used my own effort if I want to put it this way.

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