Kerri's Shopping List

Jan 8, 2011

Okay. It seems like I am not fully prepared for her arrival just as yet. Today went to check out the stroller + car seat for her because the one we brought back from the states seem to be quite bulky for our boot. We decided to pass down to my bro since the color will suit my nephew too. The stroller itself is almost brand new as most of the time we attached the car seat to the stroller instead. And Keira stopped using it since she turned 10 months old after we got the Combi stroller too.

We had our eye on this Quinny Zapp stroller + the Carbio Fix car seat. I reckon this will be a good investment in the long run and Keira can share the stroller too with Kerri. And most importantly, it's light enough for me to be out alone with Keira and Kerri. I'm so excited. Hubby is going to place order on Monday as I don't want to make a rush decision to buy on the spot when my intention is not the stroller at all.

And what a meddle-head I am. Suppose to check out the crib mattress too but in the end, totally forgot about it.

Did I mention the Baby Bjorn spirit carrier that I bought in the states for like less than US$60 is selling for $175 over here? It's crazy. I know I'm always a cheapskate when coming to buy baby stuff in Singapore. Of course, if I am to get the Quinny set in the states, it will be several hundreds cheaper too. Oh well...

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