Oopsie.. BB#2 Pregnancy Week 35

Jan 8, 2011

I used to blog so religiously when carrying Keira and I almost didn't really faithfully record stuff about Kerri in here. How am I going to do the baby book for her? *Panic panic*....

My next appointment with the Gynae will be on the 14th Jan. And this week, I am weighing 47kg and with a waistline of 34.7inch. The last time I measured was before we headed off to Taipei (which was the 34th week), I was measuring 33.7inch and Kerri's estimate weight is 2kg.

I believe Keira can definitely feel Kerri's kicks and punches when I'm carrying her or when sometimes she like to lie her head on my stomach while we are reading bedtime stories.

It's really amazing how time flies... 35th week. I still remember vaguely how I discovered I am pregnant the day before I am to go for my tattoo appointment. This will be put off until don't know when again. Might as well, I can do something symbolic together for the 2 of them now.

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