When 3 becomes 4

Jan 30, 2011

Well, needless to say, the household has become 'very' lively with the new addition. We have fine days, okay days and rough days. But somehow or rather, I never thought in between all those chaotic moments I can actually look at them and said to myself how I love these 2 girls. I seriously cannot imagine how some mummies can really handle more than 2 kids on their own. It's really a challenge.

I wonder whether I can cope once Hubby goes back to work and I have to take care of them both. Hopefully I can manage since my wound will have heal and I have regained back my freedom. Now I can only pray Keira doesn't want to be carry so often so that I can sling Kerri on me and hold on to Keira when we go out. She better learn if she doesn't want to be coop up at home so often.

I was telling Hubby that I intend to return back to work in April even though I know I will be missing the 2 princesses at home. I am sure they will understand.

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