Keira @ 19 months old & Kerri @ 3 weeks old

Feb 14, 2011

I realized Keira is beginning to learn how to talk in sentences. Well, not exactly proper full sentences with correct pronunciation but more like all the words are being mumbled together. The very first sentence that she can say is actually 'I love you' quite some time now. And recently, we thought we have been hearing her saying 'I don't want'  and 'How are you'. She knows how to say 'No' when she doesn't want or do things that we would want her to. Her way of asking for Ribena drink is 'Mina'. And she knows how to ask for bread. 


Lately, she's very into her bedtime stories again. She will want me to re-read the books many times to her before she agrees to sleep. And it's getting a bit over when she will wake up in the wee hours asking for her books. She only goes back to sleep when I ignored her constant requests. And her books will follow her into the bathroom in the morning whenever she's doing her potty.


She sort of know her shapes and identify them and very often when we are taking the lift especially, she likes to count the levels with me although she don't say out but the sound she makes seem like she knows her numbers. She is also improving in her dance steps now. Getting more steady and with more 'patterns' of course. She is such a darling sometime that you couldn't help but want to give her a bite on her cheeks. 


I believe sending her to childcare will be a good choice for her to learn more things and learn to be more independent.


So far Kerri's rashes is clearing up and I'm so glad to see that.  Don't be deceived by her small being but she is quite a loud baby. Even louder than Keira and we believe someday Keira will be bullied by her. Her character is rather strong but otherwise, she's quite a good baby. I begin to see some differences of her appearance as compared to when she was just a new baby. My mum said she resembled more like a boy. I can't really tell though. But I can say she definitely has her daddy's nose and his eyes. And she really smell good all the time, did I ever mention that?


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