Another typical day in our household

Mar 23, 2011

These 2 sisters on good days will be such a breeze for me looking after them. Well today is apparently not one of them.

Kerri kept crying on and off. Tried feeding her but she will be crying her lung out and do not want to suck at all. I think I've wasted quite a bit of milk today. Then after a long cry, she will drift back to sleep for like half an hr to an hour before waking up. The whole cycle just keep repeating. She's really driving me insane today. I can't hardly to do stuff with Keira or around the house without entertaining her like every few mins.

And when she dozed off at around 8 pm earlier on, I quietly shoved the milk bottle in and she finally had a good feeding for the day and sound asleep now.

Poor Keira. We don't have much moment to do activities together. All I heard myself telling her the whole day were either can you go and play on your own, can you read by yourself or can you work on your colorings??

I am beginning to dread mealtimes as Keira doesn't like to eat lately. I will be full of hope thinking I have just make another yummy meal for her but turned out she either take a few bites or totally reject it. I have to try all sorts of tricks to lure her to open up her precious mouth.

Feeding used to be so fun but not anymore. She is learning to self-feed now. It's exciting but yet when I see her happily eating her rice and only to carefully spit them out again. It's kind of annoying really.

Now as I'm blogging on the iPhone. The 2 of them are sound asleep snoring away.

I truly salute my mum who took care of us 3 siblings without any help at all. I am with 2 only and I'm already struggling. I must persevere no matter what. It will be soon before I return back to work (hopefully) and I think I will be missing all these moment.

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