Keira @ 21 months old

Mar 26, 2011

The speed that Keira picks up learning now really amaze us. She can just memorize what we taught her once and then perform it to us out of nowhere.

She demand self feeding while at home with me. She still need to practice more on her grip. So normally she don't really eat to her full cause she refused me to feed her. And afterwards will come begging for food/snacks.

I like the way she's trying to attempt 3-4 syllabus word but how all of them will be minced together. It's funny.

For eg, watermelon, airplane,
good morning and etc.

Here she is trying to help me hang clothes while holding on to my wristlet on her left. She is always seem to be busier than me in this household.

She will greet the cleaner almost every morning cheerfully when uncle is sweeping our corridor with a hi follow by good morning!

Now everywhere we go, she will go around and name colors. But of course, more wrong than right. She just loves to say green for almost all the thing. When comes to blue, she will purposely make a big O with her lips and say dragging it. Ha. She likes to point at things and look at me expecting me to tell what those colors are.

Her must read in the bathroom every morning.

She loves her phonics. And she can make the sound of abc quite well now. Her favorite by far is letter N cause it links to her fav NO!

Her sense of rhythm is improving too. She can coordinate better with her limbs now. But I don't think I will be introducing her to any music lessons as yet. I believe it's more appropriate for them to start formal music learning at 6-7 yrs of age.

This is her insisting me to put on my tunic top on her. She must had felt like a performer. Swaying herself to the music.

Her favorite number flash cards are 21 & 23 because of the colorful fishes on number 21 and the yummy cookies on number 23.

She will say dance! Whenever there are music on the tv, be it commercial or her fav kids program/cartoons. She know when to spin and say spin! Making herself all giddy and then stand there laughing at herself.

The other day at the babyfair. The special guests are the characters from whitz and she really went crazy over there. I tried to let her do a shoe fitting but the moment she hear the music, she said she want to watch and her body wriggles like a worm and behave as if she can 'chiong' over there in the shortest time. Simply refuse to wear the shoes. Thankfully the show lasted for only 10 mins.

When comes to playing, she just loves to stack and line them up neatly according to shapes, colors and size. Anything not in order she will redo them.

Now, I'm introducing her to start on her Chinese learning. Brought a few Chinese poems 古诗 and idioms. If not for those hanyu pinying, I think I can die. Hubby think I sucks. But I'm going to prove him wrong. I will soon be memorizing all the poems to him. For now Keira can say a few simple Chinese words like 小猪,狼,你好,谢谢 and 再见.

What's the word in front of 读? I read twice from 1st page to the last page before she took her nap. Hope it is a good beginning.

It's tough being a teacher to your own kids. What will ever happen once they hit primary Sch age?

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