Kerri @ 5 weeks old. 琦媛@5周大

Mar 4, 2011

I have missed posting of her 4 weeks old development. Simply does not have the time to blog. It's been crazy since hubby returned to work. And after coping alone for a week plus, I concluded it's by far my biggest challenge. But I will not be defeated so easily.


So we went for her 4-6 weeks well baby checkup at the polyclinic on Monday. She's weighing 3.8kg. Height and weight at 50% percentile which is considered normal. My baby is really growing fast considering she's born a bit of underweight.


Her feeding is apart 3 hours apart now and lately she's been making some coo-ing sound which are just too cute. It's a pity I cannot manage to record them down.


Ok now back to pumping....


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