Nostalgic / Vainty hits once again

Mar 25, 2011

Why would anyone buy a piece of metal for half a million??? But on 2nd thoughts, who won't if they have the ability... Today I had a very close encounter with a moving Maserati. It pulled right in front of me while I'm attempt to cross the road. The driver turned in and was waiting at the guard post for the barrier to be lifted up... Oh man.. the engine sound is so so so low and sexy~ And with its 20" rim.. well I presume it's the sports GT version.. Can I say it's very nice? And of course with the handsome driver there's nothing to fault about. I am not sure whether Singaporeans are getting richer because I saw so many nice cars zooming around just in the Kallang area.


Ok above is quite irrelevant to what I want to blog. So the company that I went for the interview is exactly located at the same building that I have worked in 4 yrs ago. Time flies. It's just 2 levels above. After the interview, I couldn't help but to check out who is occupying our units. A small unknown company and I spotted that they have kept our 'ugly' blue carpet. I really missed those days working there. It was just so fun and I have gained a mentor who truly taught me a lot about my work. Really appreciated it.


It was so rare for me to get out alone by myself as I have left the 2 kids with my mum for this interview. Seeing the time is still early, I decide to go shopping around Raffles City shopping center. And I am so sad to know that my fav Perlini's Silver shop is closing down in Singapore. Wanted to get the silver solution and the cloth for my tarnished T&Co. pieces which I have so neglected them. But nothing much was left in the shop since they are having a 70% discount storewide.

Walked to G2000 and saw their collection getting quite impressive. Very 'Mango-like'. I saw a silk silver dress which is so handsome but too bad my size are all sold out. Damn it. But at least I got a decent skirt from Mango afterwards. I am on a mission to revamp my wardrobe. I need to look like my age now. I want a neat, chic and sophisticated wardrobe. Good luck to me.

I cannot believe that my feet are being tormented by my lovely own heels. I have stored them away for a good almost 2 years. Twice I wore different pairs to my interviews and twice I came back with some blisters here and there. I can forgive the Nine West which I got it in the States because it's my 1st time wearing it.. But not my favorite pair of Schu heels..

We were shopping on Thursday at Junction 8 when we came across a very cute of ballerina shoes. I so wanted to get it for Keira. It's about $40 but it's made in Korea and I swear that the quality is really there. The one which I got from Korea in 2008 has serve me well till now. I regretted not buying a few more pairs in different colors la!

Ok time for bed... Hubby is soaking himself in fine wine while I'm soaking myself with puked milk... How fair life is sometimes.

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