Out on Sunny Sunday - 星期天之玩乐

Mar 30, 2011

Erm... I think the chinese title sounds weird. But I have already try to make it more appropriate.


We joined a group of Hubby's colleagues at Dempsey initially for afternoon tea but because Keira woke up a bit late for her nap, we have missed their last order. Hence, we didn't manage to join them at the cafe but just walked around Dempsey and Hubby's colleague was kind enough to shoot some pretty photos of us using his SLR camera. My dad was also into photography back then as a hobby. I should have taken over his cameras. Wonder where they are now.


There were this shop which sell carpets but they also keep quite a number of parrots beside their shops with 2 malay guys tending to them. But it's quite sad to see that those birds actually got their wing clipped. They reminded me of our pet birds many years ago. I still miss them lots.


After Dempsey, we went town to do some shopping and had dinner at Tonkichi Japanese restaurant. Finally got my refill of Ettusais powder. I think the last cake lasted me for almost a good 2.5 years. Bought some snacks at the Japanese fair @ Isetan. There were some Japanese volunteers seeking donations for the disaster and donated some money.


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