Sunday brunch @ The Pantry。星期天的早餐。

Mar 9, 2011

It's been a while since we actually headed out during the weekend. Mostly because Hubby is busy either with his studies or with his work. For consecutively 3 weekends, he need to return back to work either on a sat or a sun. Isn't the government trying to promote family harmony? How can we do so when he needs to return work during the weekend. They are depriving us of family bonding time. Very crap!


Anyway, even though we can only afford to have our brunch before he needs to rush home to finish off his assignment. I am still a happy lady nonetheless. It's really better than nothing. To think, for the past nearly 2 months, Yishun and Sembawang seem to be my only paradise. I kinda hate the way my life is now not because of me being tied down by the kids but how I have to just live with the life as it is now instead of making them more happening. But on a side note, how happening can I make them to be without Hubby enjoying it with us?


Well, the place that we went to last Sunday is actually a cookery school + cafe + farmer's market (on saturday) with some nice little shops surrounding them. On that particular Sunday, it seems to be so quiet. But after talking to the waiters, I found out that they actually don't open on Sundays for more than 2 years until recently. I believe that not many people knew about this else I think it will be more crowded than it is.

上个星期天去的地方其实是个烹饪学校+餐厅+周末巴刹。有点像在美国的Farmer's market 一样。那天去的时候不是很多人因为也是他们有2年不在周日营业了。最近在营业或许是这样所以不是很多人晓得。

We managed to reach them for the breakfast and surprisingly, they are not bad at all.


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My egg pacifico

His Pantry breakfast set

She discovered the fun of trampoline and we had a good time there. Just me and her sweating away for about half an hour or so on this thing.

Keira all wet and sweaty after trampoline fun

My favorite photo of the day

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