Mar 19, 2011

I know I have not been blogging often. Whenever I have some quiet time, I would prefer to catch up with my reads, good music and houseworks. It's so rare for me to have my quiet moments now. So there I have a pot of chicken stock cocking for Keira's dinner tonight in the kitchen now with both kids taking their naps.

Yesterday we paid a visit to the new childcare branch. The principal and the teachers are quite friendly.  The place is rather quite simple decorated and perhaps it's a new branch and everything is still not quite ready yet. That's why it's looking a bit bare. Anyhow, I think it's the teachers, curriculum and the care that she received that are most important. So we will see how everything goes first.

My baby cousin who was so fortunate to get a chance to go Auckland for an education trip to their local kindys posted some photos on FB. And oh man, even I myself will volunteer to study in their kindergartens. Their learning environment is so CAREFREE! Emergent curriculum is what she said they are.

And so after the childcare visit, we went to our first baby fair. The weather kind of dampen our mood as it's raining quite heavily and there's no drop off point anywhere at Expo. How bad is that? Thankfully, by the time, Kerri finished her feeding, the rain stopped. We didn't get much though. Oh yes, we finally got the 'Korean' playmat from the fair. It's SG$140 for a medium size. We reckon it's quite nice looking so we got it. And some training pants and a pair of decent shoes for Keira.

Well, it's been a week since I cut my BANGS. Yes you read it right. Haha... The last time I had bangs was in 2007 and when I was a kid too la. So I'm still getting used to them and am loving them day by day. However, the stylist who cut it layered them quite a bit which I do not quite like. I am hoping they can grow out faster so that I can slowly trim them away. Even though, I would so much want to dye my hair, I think I better wait for another few months. Stylist said normally after giving birth, it's best not to dye the hair in anyway as it may promotes hair loss. So better play it safe.

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