It's not that good afterall.

Apr 23, 2011

Can I just say how you (2kg) sneakily add on to my tiny body without my slightest knowledge? I had a weigh last night. The weighing machine has been abandoned by me ever since I gave birth to Kerri. I used it almost religiously to check on whether Kerri is growing nicely inside me.

So yesterday the aircon lads came to service our air-cons and shifted our bed to climb out of the window to clean the compressor. And there it was. Tucked under the bed for a good few months now with dusts on it.
I took it to the bathroom and decided to give myself a weight and I declare that I am now 42.5kg without a baby inside me.

This got me panicked. I know I've been yearning to gain weight for the longest time but it's not good when the growth goes towards the tummy area. Oh gosh! And so I took out the nicely wrapped hoola hoop (for the shipment from USA back to SG) that have been with me for years.

I will start on it tonight... Let's go with 2 commerical breaks (30 mins) hopefully.

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