Keira @ 23 months old

May 20, 2011

HAPPY 23th month, Keira! 1 month later, she will be officially 2 yrs old.

Yesterday, I spent closed to $70 after using a 20% discount on books for Keira and myself. My reading of the chinese poems has definitely pay off because she's now able to converse both in Chinese and English although not so well yet but I'm already proud of her.

When she wants to drink water, she will say 喝水 and if she request to be carry, she will either say carry or 抱抱. She can piece words together to form a short sentence now. But if she gets too excited, you cannot understand what she's trying to say except to catch the main words. She's getting more expressive now. However, she has a big problem of whining over slightest things and the most dreadful thing is if she don't get her way, she will just lie down on the floor. Now tell me about it. I hate kids doing that and then now my daughter is doing this to us.

I am still thinking when will be a good time to sleep train her in her own bed in her own bedroom. With Kerri around, my plan seems to be keep putting off. Persistence, Mummy!

I am going to install an outdoor blind soon for the balcony so that I can park the girls' walkers, mobiles, rockers and pushcarts out there. Now 1 corner of my hall is just solely for parking their toys and I just counted. 10! Maybe I can start a toy renting company when they outgrow all these. Never in my life will I imagine my house to be filled with so much kids' stuff. It's really a chore to tidy up the house every night when they are asleep only to have them messed up again the next day.  Never ending task.

Jimmy is going to bring back a set of table and chairs for them too. Perhaps it's good to place in the balcony too. I wonder if I can paint them. It looks pretty dull.
Wanted to get this set instead but the price increased by US$30 that I give up. It's so much nicer right? But anyway US$45 for the above set is quite worth it too. I should be thankful that he's able to bring back for us already.

I am also thinking of relocate their current play area to the balcony too. At least it's more windy and outdoor than the small bar counter area. Still deciding though.

Korean sausage is so good!

Her birthday invitation

At the chinese restaurant playing with Reyes

In bed with mummy. Silly time again

She love bathtubs!

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