Being adventurous

Jun 15, 2011

Come to think of it, my life has never been much of any excitement or adventurous AT all.

I can't point a finger to anything adventurous that I have ever done. My parents especially my mum has always been protective of us or maybe me perhaps.

I never been to any camping during my school life. Maybe the teambuilding that I had in my co at Focus Adventure is one of the very first I had ever try.

Other than that, I'm just your typical indoor kind of lady. Reading, music (playing organ), visiting museums, watching performances and baking are alway my favorite hobbies anytime. Ok maybe shopping counts as indoor activity too. Hee!

And once we did a paint ball activity in bintan on a rainy day and another time kayaking in Bintan and cycling in pulau ubin.

The roller coaster rides that I took in movie world in Australia probably count too. And not forgetting those rides that we had at neighborhood fair when we were dating.

On the other hand, Hubby is the gang-Ho and adventurous guy. He won't say no to anything. Just like diving that he took up lately, mud trailing on his scrambler or rides at Six Flag. Well basically I can't think of anything that he won't dare to do or try.

Next up on his list is Skydiving. This got me excited too because I have always wanted to try it. Maybe parasailing as well.

He is thinking of planning a trip to Australia sometime next year to do skydiving!! And I am tagging along. The advise he gave me the other night was to go build up my courage first.

Well at least the thought of strapping myself to a professional doesn't sound so scary. And I will think it's the coolest thing that I will ever do in my life. Definitely no regrets when we grow old.

Just by thinking of it makes my heart skips, I just can't wait.

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