Busy weekend

Jun 12, 2011

Saturday, we brought Kerri for her 5th month vaccination even though she will only turn 5 months old next Sunday. The doctor deemed it's fine so we went ahead with it. She cried a bit and stopped after a short while. But how is it time flies so fast? I know I have been talking how I want them to grow up faster so that we will have a much easier time. Sometimes, I am simply eating my own words. It just seem like yesterday that I gave birth to Kerri.

We knew from TV that Barney is back in town as now it's the June school holidays. We went down to Marina Square to catch the last show. I salute those parents with young toddlers to actually queue like 2 hours before the 7pm show. I mean it's just Barney come on. Initially we thought of going to a nice restaurant for dinner but seeing the time nearing, we decided to have dinner at the Food court instead. I shared the udon with Keira while Hubby had the claypot curry. The curry really turns out to be quite yummy. 

Pretending to be asleep on papa's shoulder

Vainpot trying out hats at Topman

Our balcony seats view for the Barney show

Supper at Mac

I have been telling Keira for don't know how long that we will bring her to play on the trampoline and decided that today is a perfect day to do it. Woke up early in the family and we got all of our butt out of the house by 10am. Had brunch at Jones the Grocer before we popped over to The Pantry.

Queueing at Jones

Brunch as usual was yummy at Jones and Keira ate quite a bit of our combined meals. Kerri on the other hand was basically quite well-behaved entertaining herself throughout until the last bit of the meal before she decided to act up. She wants her sleep. So off we go to the Pantry. They had a private function. A birthday party for a young little girl but we managed to sneak and played on the Trampoline for a fair bit before the owner informed us of the party. Well, this nice lady didn't attempt to chase us off. She just said nicely but we decided we have played enough and left the place.

Off to United Square to check out Keira's birthday present and Joben's. Wanted to get the Twist n Roll scooter for Keira but I think she's still quite young for it and furthermore, Argos UK is only selling like 20pounds rather than the $125 they are selling here. It's a huge saving! Instead just bought a food set for her to add on to her cooking toys at ToyRus. Had Ben n Jerry's ice-cream before we head home. Yes lah! Haha.. I finally succumb to paying $5 for a single scoop of chocolate brownie. It's just as yummy as it was.

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