Forgetful me.

Jun 8, 2011

Sometimes I can really 气死自己. Have you ever stash away stuff that you will think will come in handy someday and then totally forget it completely until one day you suddenly discover them once again? Well it happen to me like all the time.

Take for instance the other day when I was sorting the store room and rediscovered my MacBook pro box which I can't bear to throw away and inside there is this never use before remote control to access my old MacBook pro (which I have already sold off) and now becoming a white elephant. Well at least I can still use the 3-pin plug adaptor changer with my US 2-pin plug.

And another time I was bathing Kerri when I felt that she ain't getting any lighter for me to bathe her with one hand when I suddenly remembered I had actually pack the bath sling back from the states when I didn't have the chance to use with Keira, it was such a relief to find it and Kerri is able to bathe in comfort thanks to it.

As Kerri becomes bigger, it's quite impossible to swaddle her properly with the cloth diaper anymore and the swaddle cloths that we brought back is just too warm for Singapore weather. So I found the kiddopotamus swaddleme in the cupboard and tried it on Kerri. It fits very nicely and really snuggle her quite well.

Just like some of Keira's clothing that the mummy here forgot to bring out to let her wear when she is able to fit in and the tags are still intact. At least the thought of Kerri can get to wear them comforts me.

Nonetheless at least some of those stuff still manage to come in handy at the right time though.

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