Keira @ 23 months old. The worst has come....

Jun 9, 2011

Keira dreads the mere mention of the word 'school'. She was all cheery this morning when she woke up. Even before she open her eyes, she already giggled and said mummy~~~ Till when I wanted to change her into her school uniform, she began to whine... Whine and whine until we reached my mum's place.

She cried when she saw the school and then cried all the way till the end of the day with occasional breaks in between. The cook auntie told my dad. Ms Chai said she only drank 1 oz of milk after her meal. I guess she didn't sleep well either. Just 8+pm. She said she want to 睡觉. And zonked off within a few minutes.

I already knew this will come when she started to whine a bit when we talked about school on Tue. And then 1 day come another, she seems to have a phobia for that word.

Well, still, this is no excuse to withdraw her out of the school again. We will not be give up so easily. It will not be easy but we will persist on.

Anyway, to us, school isn't that bad afterall.

Now Keira is picking up her speech at an amazing pace which kind shocked us. For instance, the other night when we went to pick her from my mum's place, she said Papa working, mummy working. And when Hubby was disturbing her, she said go away. And she is trying to learn how to sing ABC song now. She nearly got them just the alphabets she will jumble up and mumbled her way through when she can't catch up with me.

She listen to instructions better even though there's still PLENTY of room to improve.

Ok now. Off to catch up with my daily reads!

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