Keira goes to school

Jun 4, 2011

It's her third day of school yesterday. Hubby and I were with her the whole day on the first day and subsequently she was left to fend on her own.

But I can tell she's slowly progressing well. 

On the second day, she cried for about half an hour when I left her after their breakfast. How do I know? I was sitting at the stone chair beside the center. And decided the more I hear the more heartache I will be so Hubby asked me to just go home and wait for the school to call if she is not ok. Apparently, she is quite ok throughout with occasional crying during class transitions and did not take her nap.

While on the way to market to grab some breakfast yesterday, I met 金老师. She said Keira finished up her bowl of kway tiao and behaved much better than she expected. I was grinning when I heard that. Whoever come in contact with Keira will be definitely be aware of her foul temper.

Ms Chai feedback to me on the 3rd day that Keira had 2 bowls of macaroni and took her nap too. But come Monday, she may act up all over again since she will have a break over the weekend. I just hope she can adjust herself well.

Seriously, I couldn't be any more proud knowing Keira is taking her next step to becoming a more independent child.

Parenting has its sweetness too and I am savoring it right now.

 1st to school and my mum got her to 'pai pai' for a smooth day

Breakfast on 1st day: Bread with cheese and milk 

Going for their morning walk

 Lunch on 1st day: ABC soup with rice

Fruit after lunch on 1st day: Papaya.

My T.T aka tiny tot or rather my terrible two.

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