We went to town by TRAIN - our weekend

Jun 8, 2011

Last Saturday, Keira and I took the train to town to meet up with Hubby after his class. This is the 1st time that we took MRT. The last time we took together was when we were just back from states and she's just 13 months. How fast time flies...

We just walked around Centerpoint and went Mothercare to get some new onesies for Kerri and then we shared a cup of Haagen Daz ice-cream before Hubby finished his class. And then we decided to visit Somerset 313 and Keira's Uncle James joined us too. And shop and shop until Keira got hungry and was in a very cranky mood. 

I am quite happy to see the transformation of the now Mandarin Gallery. So many designers now. Went to check out Bread & Butter and I think this is one of Hubby's favorite shops now. And when we went into Y3, Keira couldn't resist a purple shoes that cost $230+ that I have to snatch it from her and dragged her out of the boutique. I tell you this young girl is picking up her fashion sense at a rather young age. LOL.

On the train

At Bread & Butter. Making herself comfortable on the chair.

I found this rabbit like this one day while I was in the toilet washing up. Another Keira's work it must be.

Practicing her coloring and drawing on a fine Sunday afternoon. What a glorious day. Too bad we are cooping up at home. But hey yes. I said it I mean it. Will spend a full day at home with the girls for bonding.

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