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Jun 1, 2011

Am I really getting more forgetful each day or I am just relying on the trusty iCal? I can't imagine life without it now. I need to be reminded on every little tasks that I need to do. My brain just doesn't work the way I would like it to be. And if I need to get something imprint in my brain, I have to mumble it out.  It really kind of freak me out thinking how bad my memory gets lately. Maybe I need to finish up the remaining bottle of the DHA left in the fridge.

Just the other day, I wanted to share something with my mum and there I was happily yakking away. My mum was giggling. I asked her what's so funny because I was just into the story mid-way and she said I already told her the day before which I can't really recall it at all.

Ever since I started work once again, life just keep getting hectic and chaotic. My household is in quite a mess with halfway done chores all over. I totally need to have a little break right now by doing some blogging before I start to clear the piles of clothes sitting on my recliner for the past week. I have taken 2 days off to settle Keira into the new childcare so at least I do not have to wake up so early.

So from now onwards, we will be having quite a bit of change in our daily routine since she's attending full day childcare.

0545 - Good morning! I have decided this is the best time for me to wake up so that I can have ample time to get myself ready for work, cleaning their bottles, clear the trash bin and ensure that I have all of things packed in Keira's bag for her stay in the childcare.

0640 - We are either being send to my mum's place by Hubby or pick up by my Dad

0730 - Send Keira to CC before I am being send to work by Hubby or Dad

1700 - 1800 Keira will be picked up from the CC by my mum or by Hubby

1900 - Reach mum's place from work and have dinner

2000 - Bring the kids home

2030 - Have a shower if there's help around in the house else I will shower after the kids are asleep. Do some reading or playing with Keira after putting Kerri to bed since usually she will have her last feeding before bedtime at my mum's place

2130 - 2200 Keira's bedtime or sometimes it's my bedtime too

As you can see each day, I just have approximately of about less than 2 hours with Kerri (excluding feeding time). This is so depressing. So the only time that I can make up for her is during the weekend and it's not helping when weekends are the days that we will be out of the house often. She will be either be in her car seat, push around in the stroller or left at MIL's place if we are going out for dinner. The though of it sadden me.

So I have decided we will spend only 1 day during the weekend OUT of the house from now and the other day at home spending quality time with the kids. Much as I will feel bored cooping at home, I feel there's really a need to sacrifice.

At least, the coming weekend, Hubby will need to attend classes so there's no reasons for us to be out of the house and then the following weekend, I will probably be busy at home preparing for Keira's birthday party and the next weekend, we will be celebrating Keira's birthday on the Saturday which leave us the Sunday to rest well at home and clean up the house too. And the following weekend after her birthday, Hubby will be off for his diving again. So yes, these are the plans for our June weekends.

Come to think of it, never in my life will I ever think there will come someday when I will hardly have time for TV at all. I am missing so many good shows and dramas on Channel 5 ever since the birth of Kerri!!! And silly me am still contemplating whether to subscribe to cable. But most probably will get a medialink software which will cost US$20 to watch movies from my mac to Hubby's PS3. I reckon it will be more worth it in the long run.

I have so many things on my to-do list and I SERIOUSLY need to get more organized than before. Just the installation of the bamboo blinds in the balcony is taking weeks because the sales guy just seem to be SO SO SO busy to come down and take the measurements. Definitely have to keep bugging him to speed up the job.

Next I still have Keira's birthday to plan. The food menu is still a headache as I am thinking how to even get started with the preparation with the 2 kids around at home. Think think think!

Inviting my family to a long overdue steamboat fare at my place is another a to-do list which I never get it done.

See even this blogpost that I wrote seem messy too! I am such a mess now! My brain system needs some serious upkeeping.

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