Hong Kong Trip 2011 - 香港之旅 2011

Jul 31, 2011

We choose to go HK for this holiday is actually due to us wanting to bring Keira to Disneyland to have a blast. We went with 3 other families and 2 kids. Overall conclusion of the trip: TIRED. Most of the time are wasted waiting here and there. And wherever we go, we have to take into consideration of the 3 strollers in tow and whether they have sufficient space for us. Shopping is rather inconvenient too when we want to go shop at those places with very squeeze aisle. I think basically Hong Kong is not a very suitable place for kids. There are no escalators in the train stations. I would think when the kids are more grown up perhaps it will be much better.


On the first day
起飞前和琦璇来个合照。A photo with Keira before our flight.

Keira was feeling very uncomfortable with the safety belt that she need to fasten on before and during takeoff that she keep crying for quite sometime. Finally when the plane stabilized, I unbuckled her. She cling onto me so tight and then fell asleep. Partly is due to the medicine too I believe causing her to be cranky and drowsy.



Reached HK around noon time. Gave Keira a change of clothes as she's so afraid of the heat.

We took the cab to Disneyland Hotel. On the way, we saw apartments building in front of the sea with the mountains as the back. I believe the fengshui is very good and the price don't come cheap.




I like this vintage lift.

Having lunch at this chinese restaurant. The meal set us off at S$200+. The food was okay but not that fantastic.

After lunch, we went to pick up our room keys. Upon reaching the entrance of the room, we were practically wow-ing. The place was quite magical. It was big and beautiful. No wonder the package doesn't come cheap.


We can't resist jumping on the big bed.

to be continued 继续。。。

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