It's a jinx day.

Jul 24, 2011

How is it that when you are sick, the stupid clinic still requires you to make an appointment and told you that the doc can only see you in the afternoon? No walk in, no phone appointment, no nothing. Such crap! Don't they know you don't actually choose the time to fall sick. Furthermore to make appointment?? This is the joke of the year I must say.

And it's not doing any good when I decided to go back Sembawang to see another doc and need to wait in queue with 23 people ahead of me.

Shouldn't panel clinics be going through some sort of selections instead of the health company taking advantage of whichever clinic is willing to participate and just grab them and get them listed?

Since it's a company benefit, I'm reluctant to be paying for my own medical fees. Still, I can't help to grumble and yes because I'm a cheapo.

I think my day should spend nursing my health at home right after this doc's visit.

Goodness gracious me.

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