The Red Book (backlog entry for 4th July)

Jul 18, 2011

Yesterday I took off from work to go down to ICA with Keira to collect her passport. Finally after putting off for almost a year now. She has her own little red book now.

Thank god we had made an appointment as there was really a crowd though it's a Monday. And throughout the trip, she seem to be so hyperactive even though she caught a cold.

Well since it's rare for me to be with her in town during the weekdays now. We went to do some shopping at Raffles Shopping Center. Managed to sit her in the shops whilst I shop. Sometimes the iPhone is indeed a savior in some way.

Grabbed a pair of sandals at Charles & Keith and I realized it's so hard to find a pair of decent shoes in SG now. Nothing seem to catch my eyes. I have been looking around a pair of working open toe shoes with kitten heels in black but no luck so far.

Mango had sales up to 70% discount but no good stuff found. Walked around a bit when I decided to grab our lunch but who knows Keira got all cranky and dozed off on my shoulders while trying to look for a nice place for lunch.

Ended up I have to carry her to get some lunch to go and took a cab home. From the time she dozed off, then the cab and back home, she slept for almost 3 hours. She must be feeling so groggy after her medicine. My poor baby.

And back at home, I am greeted by the usual cheery smiley Kerri who just woke up from her nap too.

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